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Hellenic Network for CSR (OTE S.A.) - Safer Internet campaign

Added on 22-03-2013




Hellenic Network for CSR



Business challenge

OTE S.A. is Greece’s largest provider of telecommunications and also one of the leading providers in South-East Europe, through its subsidiary companies’ operations in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania. OTE aims to contribute to national goals for broadband development and bridging the broadband gap in these countries. The company recognises that internet safety is an important issue for customers and societies, and for OTE.

Current European trends of increasing internet “addiction”, as well as the incidence of illegal and illicit content and activity online, makes the tackling “Safer Internet” issues more eminent than ever before, both to protect minors and vulnerable groups, and also to raise public awareness about the good aspects of the internet world.


OTE respond to this in a holistic way, through its products and services, public information and awareness campaigns, and cooperation and partnerships with public institutions and civil society. There are a number of initiatives created to address internet safety in Greece:

  • “Online Security” downloadable toolkit, offering integrated e-mail & computer protection (Firewall, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam, and Parental Control).
  • Leaflet, titled “Safely Surf the Internet” , addressed to parents, providing simple and useful advice on safe internet use, distributed with every purchase from OTE’s nationwide Store Network.
  • OTE provides a section with useful advice on security issues on the OTENET customer service website, at
  • Information sessions on “Safer Internet” for OTE employees and their families and local communities in Athens in collaboration with OTE Employees' Cultural Centres throughout Greece.
  • Briefing sessions on Safer Internet issues, in cooperation with the medical advisor of the Adolescent Health Unit, addressed to pupils, parents, teachers and the public in general, held in the OTE Telecommunications Museum.
  •, is part of the European Union’s safer internet programme
  • Sponsors and supports the work of the “Adolescent Health Unit” of the University of Athens - Gives free infrastructure for the operation of the toll-free Help Line “YPOSTIRIZO - 80011 80015”, offering guidance and support to teenagers to overcome internet addiction.
  • Participates in «Safenet» ( the «Self-Regulatory Body for Internet Content», the mission of which is to promote self-regulatory procedures for the safer use of the Internet (protecting children from indecent content).


  • The programmes have identified that there is an increased interest and a demand for trustworthy information and guidance on “Internet Safety”. There is, for example recorded increased concerns expressed by parents for their children the company will continue to respond to their needs.
  • Positive feedback was received for the education sessions at the OTE Telecommunications Museum, this encouraged the continuation of information sessions for the coming year to make them even more audience-specific, according to the age group of the young children attending each session.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

  • From September 2009 – December 2010, the OTE-sponsored adolescent helpline YPOSTIRIZO operated by its partner Adolescent Health Unit, received 1.484 calls, 80% of which was made by parents and relatives of children, seeking advice on internet addiction problems.
  • During 2011, 155.000 OTE leaflets on “Safely Surf the Internet” have been distributed through our Retail stores (OTEshops) nationwide.
  • The “Online Security” website section has received 214.941 clicks in 2010 and 96.698 for 2011 so far.
  • 3 information sessions on “Internet Safety” have been held in major cities in Greece in cooperation with OTE Cultural Centers (attending approx. 400 participants) and in the Telecommunications Museum in Athens 750 children and 60 adults attended the events.

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