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Hellenic Network for CSR (Manpower) - “Sharing the Knowledge – Building Bridges to Employment”

Added on 22-03-2013




Hellenic Network for CSR



Business challenge

This ManpowerGroup Greece volunteer program aims at creating employment opportunities for socially vulnerable groups, experiencing exclusion from the labour market:

  • Long term Unemployed / Unemployed Women / Unemployed over 50 years of age
  • Young people outside the Labor Market / High-school pupils
  • Immigrants
  • Mentally ill

The program contributes to the achievement of the company’s business objectives, by helping bridge the gap between the demand for, and the offer of labour observed in the Greek market.


1. ManpowerGroup Employees/ Volunteers

  • Turning people from “philanthropists” to active volunteers
  • Stereotyped views about target population

2. Target Population (Candidates)

  • Lack of skills (of candidates)
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of good networking for the target groups

3. Employers

  • Negative perception and behaviors of employers /potential colleagues
  • Lack of integration policies for candidates of such group



Bridging the gap between people and labor market, with emphasis on vulnerable social groups, suffering work exclusion.


Employees’ voluntary program operating through 4 actions:

1: ManpowerGroup Open House

  • Monthly open educational / informative meetings in company headquarters, discussing work issues.


  • Young people
  • Unemployed Women
  • Long term Unemployed
  • Unemployed 50+ years old

2: Educating the Young

  • Speeches on work and life-time career planning. In cooperation with Liaison Offices of (public and private sector) educational establishments
  • Entrepreneurship programs for high-school in cooperation with NGO Junior Achievement


  • Young people, outside Labor Market
  • High-school pupils

3: Immigrants Inclusion

  • In cooperation with NGO PRAKSIS, aiming to place immigrants in job positions.
  • Awareness-raising events for our employees, in order to understand what ‘being different’ means and embrace diversity.
  • Mentoring initiative, trainings & workshops for Praksis employment consultants, aimed at the provision of know-how and practical support.

4: Helping People with Mental Illness

  • In cooperation with NGO PEPSAEE, aiming to support people with mental illness find work.
  • HR Assessments, in order to raise self-esteem / awareness.
  • Public speaking on removing employment barriers for mentally ill.


  • Management team
  • Managing Director acting as an Ambassador
  • ManpowerGroup Clients / Employers
  • Praksis, Junior Achievement & PEPSAEE NGOs


The main challenge was to create awareness among employees themselves and to convince them to move from the old stereotype of “I am offering charity” on to the ”I am an active volunteer” concept.

In the long term, the commitment of employees is vital if they are to become the soul of the program and function as its ambassadors, inside and outside the company. At each step of the program, in order to encourage and gradually convince our people to participate, it has often been necessary to re-evaluate and re-plan, secure the active commitment of company Management and ensure intensive communication.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Business Impact:

  • Reaching out to an extensive pool of more than 20,000 persons (through briefings/ education/ consulting), since 2007.
  • Adding more than 3,000 people from target population to our candidates’ pool, by performing interviews & assessments.
  • Development of a strong Brand and engagement among target population.
  • Strengthening of the commitment and pride of employees and stakeholders.
  • Our employees live and breathe our Vision and corporate Values; they see them as something tangible and specific, which means that they can convey this spirit and enthusiasm to our clients.
  • For this ongoing since 2007 volunteer program, ManpowerGroup has been awarded the 1st place in the Employee Volunteering Awards 2011 for Greece.

Social Impact:

  • Creating meaningful work opportunities for more than 900 candidates from target population.
  • Educating on work related subjects from an early age.
  • Raising awareness on work exclusion for our employees, clients and general public.

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