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Hellenic Network for CSR (Lidl Hellas & SIA OE) - Our work

Added on 22-03-2013


Lidl Hellas & SIA OE


Hellenic Network for CSR



Business challenge

Lidl is aware of the responsibility towards mankind and nature and is committed to continuously contribute to the environment and climate, employees, Corporate Social Responsibility and product range. Lidl aims to:

  • Provide solutions for environmental issues
  • Develop actions concerning children’ s healthy diet
  • Contribute to improve the quality of peoples’ life, works closely with NGO’s, develop actions concerning social medicine
  • Develop actions concerning company partners


This is a sample of what Lidl Hellas do in the area of CSR:

  • Lidl Hellas works with local authorities and NGO’s informing students at schools about a healthy balance diet. Balance diet and daily exercise is necessary, especially for young children, since at that age the foundation of healthy life style is built. For this reason, we support a series of actions in Greece, contributing actively to inform and encourage towards a healthy lifestyle.
  • Lidl Hellas works on solutions to protect the climate and the environment within its operational spectrum. Lidl gives the opportunity to urban residents to beautify their daily lives, by renovating parks in city centers.
  • Lidl encourages volunteerism among its partners and offers to its employees high-level education in various fields. The personal and professional development of each employee is encouraged and supported by all means.
  • Cooperation with NGOs is another field Lidl is taking action on. By this way our company encourages social actions and participates actively in the resolution of major issues.


  • In addition to price conscios, customers have also become socially conscious.  Customers show this by punishing irresponsible companies by not repeating their purchases from them.
  • Successful companies should give part of their profits back to the society they operate in, otherwise people won’t accept them in the long run.
  • Volunteerism through personnel is something being taught only through action plans and not through principles.
  • CSR should derive from the company’s top management, have sequence, duration and budget and not be an image maker or a marketing tool. 

Challenges/Lessons learned:

The most significant solution impacts are:

  • Minimizing our impact on the environment and helping the environment by using recycling processes, e.t.c
  • Improving everyday life for urban residents
  • Supporting local communities through sponsoring and enhancing local entrepreneurship is crucial at this time
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle from an early age reduces the obesity rates in Greece
  • Building a positive image of the company that pays back to the community
  • Supporting local charities and working with local NGO’s boosts local communities
  • Motivating employees encourages team building, bonding and personal development
  • Personnel is loyal when working for a company with ethics and code of conduct 

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