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Hellenic Network for CSR (Kleemann) - Practical training of students

Added on 22-03-2013




Hellenic Network for CSR



Business challenge

Kleemann recognise the importance of maintaining skills within of Mechanical or Electrical Engineering and therefore identified the challenge of helping young people who study, to obtain vocational experience and market knowledge, in order not to have only theoretical knowledge, but also to be prepared for their future working life.


The company responds to this challenge through the creation of practical training for students. The main purpose of the program is to promote the concept of training and development within the industry. At the same time, the students learn to analyse the development challenges of working life.

The program aims to give the opportunity to students from universities of Mechanical or Electrical Engineering to become familiar with the full breadth of business activities as well as the organization and operation of industrial manufacturing.

Kleemann established the program of practical training of students in various polytechnics of the country. For four consecutive years Kleemann occupies undergraduate students from universities of Mechanical/Electrical Engineering at its facilities, in the industrial area of Kilkis, in Greece. The participants are students from the second, third and fourth year. The program takes place every year in the summer, specifically in July on a full-time basis.

During the in-house technical program the students attend compulsory theoretical and practical education that is tailor-made to their needs. In addition, the program covers a wide range of industry issues such as Health & Safety, logistics, ISO, sales, business administration, economics, Marketing, industrialization, research & development. Orientation into the work environment and work culture of the organization is also an essential part of the practical training. A feedback discussion is arranged between the students and the employer in the organization at the end of the practical training, based on the principles of developmental discussion. On completion the students are awarded a certificate of specialization.


  • The program allows to Kleemann to develop partnerships with the academic community, to find people whose interests and personality fit well with its own culture and to learn different ways to create, share and apply knowledge.
  • The initiative provides occasions for Kleemann to contribute to the harmonization of the content and orientation of education and training of students with the requirements of the labour market in the light of current socio-economic concerns.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

  • By participating in this program, students have the opportunity to use the knowledge they have acquired during their academic studies and obtain practical experience in their field of study. The program also improves the knowledge of students regarding techniques, methodologies or expertise in an industrial environment.
  • Students gain or enhance valuable skills through the participation in a structured training program in order to build their future career. Such skills are confidence, consistency, maturity, communication and lifelong skills that will broaden their horizons.
  • The program allows the students to have a professional guidance in order to take responsible decisions that will allow them to enter a career sure footed, which will ultimately determine their future.
  • Lastly, the students have the chance to build a professional network and make friends with professionals.

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