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Hellenic Network for CSR (Hellenic Exchanges Group) - A. Human - society, B. Environment, C. Education

Added on 22-03-2013


Hellenic Exchanges Group


Hellenic Network for CSR



Business challenge

The organisation recognises the need to take responsibility for three main areas within Greece, human society, environment and education due the countries latest difficult situation. They try to fight against poverty, reduce energy consumption and promoting the heritage of the Hellenic financial history through the stock exchange. The aim is particularly to help children, their families by supporting the efforts and plans (tasks) of several charity foundations in Greece financially or by acting voluntary. The organisation also communicates the capital market principles to the next generation to enhance their capabilities and improve their knowledge through various training programs.


The organisation responded to these challenges through a number of actions:

  • Employees participate in voluntary actions such as the collection and offering of cloths, school supplies, stationary supplies, medicines, sanitary goods, computers and office equipment.
  • Donations are made every year during Christmas time through a specific amount of money to charity foundations. Employees also participate with voluntary.
  • Through a specific program the organisation collect and recycle the majority of waste such as paper, office stationary, batteries, mineral oils, resulting from daily activities.
  • The building uses eco efficient systems of economy lamps and stable heating.
  • To operate as a ‘green building’, the organisation became a member of the Athens Green initiative.
  • In cooperation with the AG business network the carbon footprint has been calculated and a ‘tailored made’ action plan that helps adopt practices more environment friendly.
  • Seminars and presentations to primary and secondary education as well as to capital market entities are conducted. They also offer financial support for seminars, conferences and MBA programs.

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