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Hellenic Network for CSR (EuroCharity) - Certified Carbon Neutrality through the CO2 Neutral Seal - a Quality Assurance Label

Added on 22-03-2013




Hellenic Network for CSR



Business challenge

As part of its values, EuroCharity is dedicated to become a 100% climate neutral and zero-waste company. This vision refers to both its operations (e.g. office, logistics, staff movements) and products & services (e.g. Web portals, exhibitions, events, EuroCharity Yearbooks).

In view of this commitment, EuroCharity has recently (in October 2011) neutralised its two popular portals at and and received the CO2 Neutral Seal, a certification providing an integrated Green House Gas (GHG) Management approach.

By implementing this integrated approach, the CO2 Neutral Seal certifies that the appropriate accounting procedure was used and ensures accuracy, consistency and transparency in the offset procedure.

EuroCharity’s portals are the first of their kind in Greece to be certified as being "Carbon Neutral Web sites".

This innovative solution helps certify EuroCharity’s climate neutrality and, at the same time, is a step forward to becoming a climate neutral and zero-waste vision company.


The CO2 Neutral Seal is an innovative range of fully-transparent, high-quality and reliable carbon management services, for GHG emissions created from corporate or private IT usage, events and business operations. The certificates that are being issued are generated based on holistic approaches, while the offsetting process is supported by the utilisation of renewable energy projects from which the offsetting is done, along with proof of the retirement that can be traced and verified.

Based on advanced open-source tracking and calculation methodology, the carbon footprint of the two Web portals have been measured by EuroCharity's corporate member Green Evolution S.A.. More specifically, through traffic data from Google Analytics and advanced calculations, Green Evolution has measured the carbon footprint of the computers visiting these two sites, the servers hosting the portals, and the networks that connect them. At the end of each month, CO2 Neutral Seal automatically neutralises the carbon emissions with high-quality carbon credits.

These emissions are continuously being fully offset from the issued date (October 20, 2011) through high-quality carbon credits generated by the 11.52 MW Hsikou Hydro Power project in Tainan, South-West Taiwan.

To date (November 3, 2011), a total of 129,633 kg. of CO2 have been offset by the Seal (source:


This challenges/lessons learned when implementing this solution are:

  • The CO2 Neutral Seal will help EuroCharity offset other aspects of its business operations (e.g. office, logistics, staff movements) and products & services (e.g. exhibitions, events, EuroCharity Yearbooks). For example, the 5th EuroCharity Yearbook, which will be published in June 2012, shall bear the CO2 Neutral Seal. The previous four EuroCharity Yearbooks published since 2008 are not climate neutral. The challenge for EuroCharity is to inform its members and partners about this innovative solution in view of incorporating it into their operations and/or turning their Web sites into certified climate neutral ones.
  • EuroCharity’s ambassadors (staff members) have become more aware of the precise climate footprint of the company’s two portals.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

The impact achieved by this solution includes:

  • Reducing GHG emissions / global warming mitigation
  • Increasing awareness among portal visitors on climate neutrality and offset schemes to become carbon neutral
  • Contributing to sustainable investment in a suburban region, which would not have happened in the absence of project activity. In this case: a small hydro project in Taiwan, a small island. The project is a run-of-river reservoir hydropower plant. The hydro power station was built into an existing irrigation system that belongs to a local farming cooperative. Hydropower is Taiwan’s key to a green future. One that will be free of coal and nuclear energy. Clean energy is vital in Taiwan. Overall, energy consumption is compatible with Western Europe.
  • Clean electricity supply to the equivalent of 12,789 households per annum.

Generating a cost-effective tool for achieving EuroCharity’s climate, environmental and energy efficiency targets.

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