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Hellenic Network for CSR (Eurobank EFG) - WWF ECO2NOMY

Added on 22-03-2013


Eurobank EFG


Hellenic Network for CSR



Business challenge

The solution addresses predominantly the major issue of environmental protection & climate change. In Greece, it is seen as highly important to enhance awareness on the impact of human factor on climate change.

A significant challenge in this effort is the financial crisis that the country is going through as a number of ways to reduce waste and promote environmental protection include financial investment.


The objective of the WWF Eco2nomy programme is to educate the public and the households on the ways they can protect the environment while saving some money.

The solution is based on the provision of tools that households can use to increase energy efficiency, to reduce waste and to save up to €2,000 a year. The main tool in this effort is the European Citizens Climate Cup, a household competition between 11 countries / regions to reduce CO2 emissions.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

The environmental impact of the solution is the reduction of the CO2 emissions & the increasing awareness of the tools that can be used towards this direction. By November 2011, Greece was the No. 1 country in participation of households, ahead of Germany and Malta.

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