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Hellenic Network for CSR (AB Vassilopoulos) - 29/5 AB Volunteers’ Day Over 120 activities and 3,000 volunteers

Added on 22-03-2013


AB Vassilopoulos


Hellenic Network for CSR



Business challenge

AB Vassilopoulos main challenge was initial engagement of associates into organizing volunteering initiatives that are aligned with the company’s values. This engagement aims to create strong bonds with local communities, increasing team spirit and strengthens corporate culture.


The company responded to the challenge through organizing its first official corporate “Volunteer Day”. Even though volunteer activities had taken place in the previous years, this is the first year that a specific date was appointed for all 10,000 employees, who were also responsible for organizing by store or department their own individual activity.

More than 120 volunteer activities took place, with 3,000 AB volunteers. 3,000 associates-families and customers voluntarily participated in various actions related either to people or planet. More specifically, each AB store came in contact with local institutions, hospitals, orphanages, shelters, nursing homes etc in order to specify the needs of each institution to help. They collected clothes, shoes, toys, books, school supplies and food but most important they offered their free/personal time. Our associates, family members and friends spent time with children & elderly people but also contacted Municipalities and requested permission in order to clean parks and beaches.


Our associates were involved from the beginning organizing each initiative. The Marketing & Communications/ CR department just offered them the idea and the promotional material. The work done by each store manages to engage customers who were initially out of scope. It was identified that they needed was the company to press the trigger and give stores the green light to start.

Associates at store level were thirsty and willing to help, even more than associates at Headquarters. Since our May initiative, stores have been asking for more similar initiatives. We gave them a new opportunity to help the community and at the end of November they are given the choice to collect food and goods for various NGOs in need.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

  • 120 AB volunteer activities were implemented
  • 3,000 volunteers and positive press interest in the local media.
  • Stronger relationships with local communities.
  • Improving environmental impact through beach and park cleaning.

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