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Groupe La Poste - Developing responsible products and services

Added on 22-03-2013


Groupe La Poste



Business challenge

As a network with 17.000 contact outlets, La Poste plays an important role in sharing its initiatives and approaches with its clients. Integrating sustainable development criteria into La Poste’s products and services is one of the company’s key priorities.

The challenge has been to build a global methodology for the Group and an assessment tool based on the 3 pillars of sustainable development (environment, social and economic) in order to reach the below mentioned goal.

  • Meeting clients' expectations by offering a responsible range of products.
  • Presenting the product range within the context of a coherent and relevant communication scheme.
  • Training and involving the marketing teams.
  • Motivating employees: more than 90% of La Poste employees would like to be involved in Sustainable Development actions.
  • In the case of financial products, to offer a product range that answers various client risk profiles while offering socially responsible investment products in a coherent way.


La Poste has developed an online tool to support the integration of the sustainable development criteria into products and services, which assists marketing teams with the implementation and assessment of the offerings extending over the entire life cycle.

La Banque Postale - La Poste's banking subsidiary - developed a dedicated referential specific to its core business (i.e. financial products), known as the "ESG checklist". This tool is now imbedded in the product design phase and ensures that each product launched takes environmental, social and governance factors into account.

La Banque Postale labels its funds with Novethic's SRI label and/or Finansol's label, guaranteeing that the funds are managed transparently and in accordance with SRI best practices.

In 2010, training sessions have engaged the marketing team on sustainable development issues, also providing opportunities to disseminate the tool to the marketing team.

La Poste distributed 1 million leaflets on how to buy responsible products and services, to post office customers and to the Group's 260 000 employees in France.

GeoPost, La Poste's parcel delivery subsidiary, developed an online eco-calculator ( to compare the emissions for air or ground shipping to over 90 European destinations. Available in 4 languages, it provides information that help clients to make environmentally responsible choices.

Mediapost, the direct marketing subsidiary, developed two guides to raise awareness of sustainable development and sent them to every client. The main objective is to help clients to integrate environmental criteria, when designing direct marketing campaigns (print and sample) and to improve the ratio of efficiency to environmental impact of each campaign. The first results are encouraging: 15-20% of paper saved by reducing weight and size of print documents.


Keys to continued success include:

• Maintaining the 3 pillars of sustainable development and life cycle approach (e.g. social / economic benefits of eco-driving training - less stress, less accidents).

  • Continuing to raise awareness and train marketing team.
  • Improving existing products and services and developing new ones.
  • Engaging every employee to motivate and reinforce their feeling of "membership" by establishing coherence among their own activities and continuity between their professional and personal lives.
  • Defining the way we can share our SD assessment approach with our clients.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

  • 90% of mail products have been assessed.
  • 75% of Banque Postale products launched since June 2009 used the ESG checklist (100% by the end of 2010).
  • The SRI assets under management grew 79,5% from 2008 to 2009.
  • MediaPost: 15-20% reduction in paper used (optimization of use: size, grammage) for direct marketing campaigns.

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