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Green Network


Green Network is Denmark's oldest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) business network, which works to support members' efforts to create the best possible results to the triple bottom line and improve competitiveness by unfolding their CSR potential. Green Networks competence centre actively and continuously contributes to the CSR development, so we can always match the needs of companies for information on CSR both in theory and practice.

Green Network is focused on four dimensions of CSR: environment, health promotion, social commitment and occupational health and safety. Some companies work with all four dimensions while others have chosen to emphasize one area.

Green Network’s objective is continuous improvement through an active effort which is supported by 140 members, the municipality of Vejle and the municipality of Fredericia. Green Network has more than 17 years of experience in CSR consultancy.


Green Network - a business network for CSR.  In Green Network we have committed each other to the fact that CSR is an active part of the way we do business. Our network is for both small and large companies within all lines of business, and we welcome all types of companies that share our commitment and ambitions.


Green Network’s activities include:

  • Capacity building – training and workshops
  • Networking/awareness-raising events
  • Advisory services/consultancy for individual companies

The CSR efforts are also supported by relevant courses, conferences, seminars and networking groups within Green Network.


Green Network currently has approximately 140 member companies in a variety of sectors – basic industries, services, retail, electronics, utilities, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), food & beverage, consulting, health, telecom and finance. Please find an overview of the members here.


Peter Skou (CEO), R2 Group A/S


For more information, please contact Kenneth Hald Jensen (Managing Director at Green Network).

Telephone: 00 45 76 43 22 37
Address : Lysholt Allé 10, 7100 Vejle, Denmark
LinkedIn: Green Network