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Tax Project: From Tax Transparency to Responsible Tax Behaviour


CSR Europe’s project on tax aims to scale up corporate tax transparency and establish responsible tax behaviour within companies as one of the main pillars of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Turning businesses into truly tax responsible companies will help in rebuilding trust and addressing the growing expectations from the public and from the policymakers in terms of transparency and aggressive tax planning by many companies.  

CSR Europe, in collaboration with PwC Netherlands, published "A Blueprint for Responsible and Transparent Tax Behaviour". It provides best practises from leading companies and aims at fostering the collaboration between CSR and Tax Managers, encouraging them to start working more closely together to embed sustainability in tax decisions and practices.

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The main objectives of the Tax Project are to support companies in:

  • Assessing where they stand on tax transparency and responsible tax policies through CSR Europe’s Tax Transparency and Responsible Tax Behaviour Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Learning about how to link tax with sustainability through best practices of front-runner companies and get the internal buy-in on the importance of embedding sustainability in tax decisions and practices
  • Engaging with external stakeholders to test your current/future tax strategy and increase tax responsibility 

Business benefits

  • Assess and improve maturity and integration of responsible tax practices through our self-assessment tool and the learning network activities
  • Participate in a network to share and learn about good practices in the field of tax transparency and responsible tax behaviours
  • Engage colleagues from other departments and local offices in the discussion to embed a sustainability strategy in corporate tax policies
  • Stay up to date about disclosure trends, frameworks and approaches to tax responsibility
  • Strengthen and follow up policy dialogue and latest updates on tax transparency and responsible tax behaviour

Our Service Offer

3 Step Approach to building a Responsible Tax Strategy:

  • Step 1: Rate your processes with the Tax self-assessment Questionnaire
  • Step 2: Get the internal buy-in through an Internal Workshop
  • Step 3: Test your strategy through an External Stakeholder Dialogue

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