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Source for good: Learning network

Project Manager

Alice Pedretti

Learning network for member companies

The Learning Network consists of events and briefs to ensure members are to be up to date on trends, solutions to existing challenges, upcoming and new regulations that concern supply chain sustainability, including human rights. to facilitate learning and exchange


  • Webinar series on good practices, trends, issues
  • Issue briefs to support understanding of upcoming and new relevant developments, incl. EU policy
  • Workshops and Open fora to discuss and enhance visibility of members’ leading practices and facilitate dialogue with stakeholders, incl. EU institutions
  • Article series (on CSR Europe’s and external media) featuring members and project’s insights
  • Ongoing dialogue with EU institutions


2016: Blueprint (Original) 2017: Blueprint 
(Spanish edition)
2016: Blueprint
(Chinese edition in English)
2016: Blueprint
(Chinese edition)

2016: Blueprint
(Albanian translation)



2015: Lessons learned
from 2014
2013: Report Berlin Workshop