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Source for Good: Capacity building

Project Manager

Alice Pedretti

Capacity building at local level

Capacity building consists of collaborative initiatives and tailored projects/activities to support companies in developing and implementing successful strategies and effective programmes for supply chain sustainability, whilst also helpiing them to build long-term capacity in key sourcing countries.


  • Training on business and human rights for members' affiliates adapted to local context and language
  • Assessment and benchmarking of companies’ complaints mechanisms for gaps identification and enhancement of effectiveness (interested National Partners Organisations can become assessors)
  • Development, Broker for partnerships, implementation of local capacity building projects for specific companies in strategic procurement countries
  • Creation and facilitation of industry-wide long term collaborative approaches (in collaboration with sector associations) to pressing social, environmental and ethical issues in the value chain to drive positive change and continuous improvement towards a more sustainable business
  • Coordination of a multi sectorial responsible sourcing platform to bring different industry associations and their members together in order to increase the impact of supply chain initiatives, enhance efficiency and formulate policy recommendations to the EU (More information).


2016: Blueprint (Original)

2017: Blueprint 
(Spanish edition)

2016: Blueprint
(Chinese edition)

2016: Blueprint
(Albanian translation)

2016: Blueprint
(Chinese edition in English)


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MOC-A Results