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Source for Good: Capacity building

Capacity building at local level

Capacity building consists of collaborative initiatives and tailored projects/activities to support companies and National/Regional Partner Organisations in developing and implementing successful sustainable strategies in supply chains.

Current activities

Training on Business and Human rights:

We are conducting our second round of training on Business and Human rights, from last years’ successful training. For most impact, we guide our NPO’s all over Europe on how to conduct training in their local language with their corporate members.

Download available here 

Assessment and benchmarking:

Assessment and benchmarking of companies’ complaints mechanisms for identifying gaps and enhancing effectiveness. CSR Europe developed a Management of Complaints Assessment (MOC-A) tool based on the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles of Business and Human Rights.

Assessment Tools

MOC-A Assessment Tool: 

CSR Europe offers an extensive assessment of your company’s grievance mechanism procedure by:

  • identifying gaps and areas of needs for improvement
  • provide potential solutions to your specific operations
  • benchmark your company anonymously against the UNGP to assess your performance against peer companies.

Corporate members receive a complimentary assessment. Non-members can be assessed exchanged with a fee.

Download available here

MOC-A Checklist: 

CSR Europe aims to maximise the reach of effective grievance mechanism, by providing a useful self-assess tool available for everybody.

  • interactive checklist with 32 questions, that refers to a process requirement within the UNGP.
  • Judge own grievance mechanism and compare own practices against ideal scenarios.
  • Check if practices meet the satisfied requirement, identify gaps and areas of needs for improvement.

Download available here


Project manager

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