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Management and transparency: towards integrating sustainability


The Management and Transparency project aims to support companies to integrate sustainability into their governance and business models. We believe this can be achieved by working together with companies on the integration within their management and reporting practices as instruments to integrate sustainability.The main priorities are to:

  • Support and guiding companies towards more mature and integrated sustainability management systems
  • Promote reporting as a means towards integrating sustainability
  • Bring CSR and sustainability beyond dedicated departments and global offices and engage a broader group of corporate stakeholders

Business benefits

  • Participate in a network to share and learn about good practices of sustainability management
  • Engage colleagues from other departments and local offices in the discussion to integrate sustainability
  • Assess and improve maturity and integration of sustainability management through CSR Europe assessment and learning network activities
  • Follow up disclosure trends, frameworks and approaches to sustainability/integrated reporting and thinking
  • Strengthen and follow up policy dialogue and latest updates on transparency

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For more information please contact Paula Byrne at