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Global Dialogue

CSR Europe strengthens Europe’s global leadership on CSR by engaging with EU institutions and a wider range of international players.

Regional Partner Organisations

CSR Europe has recently started official collaborations with a number of Regional Partner Organisations (RPOs). In addition to the long standing collaboration with WTO Tribune China, CSR Europe recently signed four Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with other RPOs: Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR), Forum Empresa, the ASEAN CSR Network,and the Thaipat Institute.

CSR Europe and RPOs agree to share a common mission to move the CSR agenda forward to corporate and public programmes towards socio-economic development through cooperation with CSR organisations in other regions across the world.  


In September 2005, CSR Europe and WTO Tribune China co-hosted the first Sino-European International Conference on CSR in Beijing, at which European Commissioner Vladimir Spidla was also present.

One year later, CSR Europe and ORSE, CSR Europe's French national partner organisation, released a joint publication on CSR in China to support those organisations wishing to invest in China to find good sources of information, dialogue and partnership with entities in China that are striving for a more sustainable and competitive enterprise.

Currently CSR Europe continues to cooperate with WTO China and regularly hosts Chinese delegations at our offices and major events.


In December 2014, CSR Europe and Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR) signed a MoU and officially launched the collaboration. We agreed to exchange information and extend opportunities to attend each-others’ events.

In February 2015, CSR Europe collaborated with Conseil Patrimoine de l’Environnement du Quebec (CPEQ), and delivered a very successful cross-continental webinar on Circular Economy.

Latin America

In July 2015, In CSR Europe and Forum Empresa signed a MoU and officially launched the collaboration. We agreed to exchange information and extend opportunities to attend each-others’ events.

Southeast Asia

In July 2015, CSR Europe and the Thaipat Institute signed a MoU and officially launched the collaboration. In September 2015, the ASEAN CSR Network became a 2nd regional partner in the Southeast Asia. The partnerships focus on sharing expertise and event opportunities. 

More International Cooperation


Since 2002, CSR Europe has been in close cooperation with the Japan Research Institute, in particular to support the Institute in setting up the first Japanese resource centre on CSR. Today, thanks to strong involvement of Japanese member companies in CSR Europe, a strategic partnership is being developed with the Japan Business Council in Europe.


CSR Europe welcomed the initiative of the European Commission and the African Commission of the African Union to establish an EU-Africa business forum. CSR Europe is currently exploring how it can best contribute practically to this new initiative, in particular through the Collaborative Project on Base of the Pyramid and through member companies Unilever and  Microsoft, who have a facilitation role in this forum.

More dialogue around the world

The Academy of Business and Society

In 2002, CSR Europe and The Copenhagen Centre teamed up with universities and business schools to found The Academy of Business in Society (ABIS). Today, the organisation's mission is to be a world-class reference point for the integration of CSR into the mainstream of business practice, theory and education, and to enhance models for sustainable business success. 

United Nations Global Compact

CSR Europe participated in several meetings during the initial creation of the UN Global Compact. Today we are one of the official Business Associations supporting the Global Compact through our private-sector expertise on critical issues related to sustainable development and corporate citizenship. Many of CSR Europe's member companies are closely engaged with this global initiative.

In 2010, CSR Europe and the UN Global Compact set up a joint website on sustainable supply chains. The purpose of the website is to raise awareness and disseminate information about initiatives and resources related to responsible supply chain management. The objective is to assist companies in developing more sustainable supply chain practices. The website should allow companies, organisations and other actors to search for, identify and profile sustainable supply chain initiatives and resources. 

Business and Social Responsibility (BSR)

Historically, CSR Europe has established a close relationship with Business and Social Responsibility (BSR), ensuring that on both sides of the Atlantic CSR could mature in accordance with the respective expectations of businesses and stakeholders operating in these two important regions.