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Generali announces launch of Human Safety Net

Friday, November 17, 2017

Generali has announced the global launch of The Human Safety Net, a new flagship initiative to help some of the most vulnerable communities around the world.

The Human Safety Net, powered by Generali, is open to alliances and partnerships with like-minded people and organisations.

The Human Safety Net is based on the idea that communities of ‘people helping people’ can bring about sustainable change, creating a positive ripple effect. It reflects Generali’s commitment to contribute towards a healthy, resilient and sustainable society where people can develop and flourish to their full potential.

Its programmes target key social issues affecting communities where we live and work, including: creating equal life opportunities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds; supporting refugee start-ups; and saving newborns from the debilitating and potentially fatal consequences of asphyxia. All programmes share a common purpose: to unlock the potential of disadvantaged people so they can transform their lives, that of their families and of their communities.

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