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GDF Suez - Products and services for the low- income customers in France

Added on 22-03-2013


GDF Suez



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As an international Group, GDF SUEZ is a socially responsible company in all countries where it operates. This commitment takes different forms and is adapted to various local socio-economical contexts as well as stakeholders. The community involvement of GDF Suez aims at facilitating the economic development of territories, at leaning on the local actors and at facilitating the access to the services of the group for all, in particular for the most deprived populations.


GDF SUEZ comes to the aid of low-income customers at various levels. In France for example, this support is conduct by the branch Energie France - individual customers department including the support of the Housing solidarity Fund in the framework of the Public service contract and the support of a network of agencies called "welcoming  and orientation partner points" (Point partenaires d'accueil et d'orientation).

This network is constituted by the Points of Information and of Multi-Mediation Services (PIMMS), Points Services to the Private individuals (PSP or Médiance) leaned to the network FACEcité, the SOS Families (Emmaüs France), Control rooms (State control) over District, structures adhering (subscribing) to the National Union of the Associations of Services at home (UNA), Municipal Centres of Social action, CLCV (consumers' associations) and Women Relay.

In a few years, about 200 welcome (reception) was created and more than 400 trained (formed) mediators.

Numerous tools were created and spread concerning the control (master's degree) of energy expenditure (Roma CD, quiz, educational software, suitcase diagnosis), the communication (kits, file grouping together (including) the procedures to be followed), A toll-free number dedicated to the social workers, to the local authorities and to the bodies FSL was set up (0 810 120 975) besides the toll-free number solidarity free intended for the customers in difficult situation.


The adaptation of GDF SUEZ offers for low income customers is a continuous challenge.  Several projects will be renewed or developed in a near future.

The solidarity partnership will continue to be strengthened in 2010 by the growth of its mediation partners and its network of PPAO.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

At the end of 2009, the network counted 208 PPAO, and the number of customer contacts facilitated has greatly increased (from 4500 in 2008 to 1000 in 2009).

Adapted solutions for each family concerned were founded.

Many other services and arrangements have also been implemented to support the low income customer  notably:

  • The solidarity energy arrangement which helps prevent difficulties low-income homeowners face paying their energy bill by helping to finance energy efficiency improvements that will generate saving.
  • The group participate in the implementation of the housing solidarity fund (FSl), It benefited 300 000 customers in difficulty with a Tarif special de solidarity.

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