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GDF Suez - Meeting the Energy

Added on 22-03-2013


GDF Suez



Business challenge

GDF SUEZ, as an international energy company, is convinced that raising awareness of children is part of it CSR strategy and stakeholder engagement.

Target: increase children awareness about energy and natural gas.


In Romania, GDF SUEZ Energy Romania and Distrigaz Sud Retele, a Group subsidiary have developed an awareness program on energy and focused on children because they are the ones who will have to use energy rationally and thus protect the environment. Reason for choosing this age segment is that, during this period, students receive the first concepts about the environment, science, pollution, etc. and are able to understand and assimilate that knowledge.

The program consists of two lessons on types of energy, way to extract natural gas to homes, energy saving and safe use of natural gas.


Remaining challenges include:

  • Extension to other schools;
  • Intensification of the interactivity of the project with the internet use in 2009 and a talking film in 2010.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Launched in October 2007, the pilot program was conducted in 40 schools in Bucharest, approximately 3,000 children from 8 to 10 years benefiting from it. Following the positive feedback received from the pilot project, the 2008 program "Meeting the energy'' was expanded to 60 schools participants in Bucharest, 20 in Brasov and 20 schools in Ploiesti. In 2009 the program continued in five other cities. GDF SUEZ Energy Romania and Distrigaz Sud Retele, in collaboration with County School Inspectorates chose 30 schools for this year. Thus, approximately 2,000 4th class scholars will have their first meeting with energy in October.

Educational boards and brochures were distributed to the children on the uses of the natural gas, the energy savings, the environment and the safety (security).

The mascot "Metano" was born by leaving drawings of the children.

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