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Future of Work Working Group: Investigating ‘Corporate Digital Responsibility’

Added on 04-07-2018

Digital transformation is reshaping the relationship between labour and technology, raising concerns over the future of employment relations, patterns as well as the ethical use of new technologies. Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) is standing out as the new direction, fusing ethical considerations at the company, individual and societal level, ensuring socially responsible transitions for an increasingly digitalised workforce.

Thematic focus:

Bringing together company practitioners from HR and CSR, this workshop will investigate:

  1. Digital transformation: ensuring work-life balance and health
  2. Data: Increasing employee engagement & social good
  3. Automation & AI: Keeping people at the centre

Join this working group to:

  • Benchmark your organisational readiness on Corporate Digital Responsibility
  • Define further your company’s strategy on Corporate Digital Responsibility
  • Lead the discussion on setting industry standards for Corporate Digital Responsibility in Europe


Please note that places are limited, secure your participation now. 

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Digital transformation is reshaping the relationship between labour and technology. Accelerating transformation in the workplace is shifting focus from routine tasks to complex, cognitive activities that require a high degree of skill and judgment. As new digitally-enabled automation and artificial intelligence (AI) play a growing role, there is rising concern on the impact on employment relations and patterns in terms occupation changes but also on the ethical use of new technologies. These changes will require a new approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, expanding its current frontiers within company practices and functions to ensure socially responsible transformations.

This workshop is part of CSR Europe’s Business Platform on the Future of Work. Find out more here.

Delivered in collaboration between CSR Europe & the Bertelsmann Foundation