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France Telecom - Preventing HIV in Madagascar

Added on 22-03-2013


France Telecom



Business challenge

HIV is a high risk in Madagascar.  Orange Madagascar has decided to participate in the prevention of HIV and implemented an education programme for its employees and their families.

What is the best way to reach employees to get them to support and participate in the HIV prevention programme?


25 company educators were trained to inform their colleagues on the risks linked to HIV and on the prevention programme.  One of their objectives was to raise awareness on how HIV is transmitted in order to overcome fear and prejudice and prevent discrimination linked to HIV.

Detection campaigns for the employees were developed, including a dedicated area being created on the intranet to give more information on HIV and on actions taken to prevent it.  Condoms were also distributed in the rest rooms and Orange Madagascar also took part in national campaigns on HIV as well as HIV detection campaigns for its clients.


  • Overcoming fears and discrimination associated with HIV

Challenges/Lessons learned:

  • Raising awareness: 80% of the employees accepted to undergo detection testing

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