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Forética (Philips & Zeltia) - Responsible and Sustainable Innovation

Added on 22-03-2013


Philips & Zeltia





Business challenge

There is reason to believe that innovation and CSR are closely linked and together can be drivers for greater competitiveness. This is applicable in terms of organizational management but also for the life cycle and development of new products & services. Yet, there are not any concrete measurements or information on how such innovations are fostered and how companies can better exploit CSR and innovation in order to enhance their competitiveness.


This project is a three year project which aims to obtain a scientific understanding of the link between innovation and CSR as a cornerstone of competitiveness. The first phase, which is due to end of 2010, will develop a research publication around the topic, a SWOT analysis of Innovation+CSR in Spain and a mapping of innovation in Spain.

The research publication will include a qualitative investigation to define state of the art of innovation in the new emerging paradigm of Innovation+CSR. It will also offer a comparative study of successful cases and the results of the geographic, sectorial and industry mapping done in Spain.

The next phases will focus on management systems (measuring tools and implementation of Innovation+CSR) and exchange of experiences and practices amongst all interested actors.


The remaining challenges for this project are many. Nonetheless, the networking with other companies, as well as other relevant stakeholders, operating in and outside of Spain would be very useful. Especially for the second phase of the project. An understanding of the status of innovation+CSR in other countries through corporative and non-corporative experiences could enrich the project.

Additionally, one of the challenges of the project is that it's a relatively newly explored area. Therefore, it could also be of interest to network with scientists and academics working on this topic in other parts of Europe.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

To date the project is focused on developing its research publication and to better understand the status of Innovation+CSR in Spain. The first phase is due to the second half of 2010.

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