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Forética (Mutua Madrileña) - Corporate Volunteering Program “Count on us, together we can do more”

Added on 22-03-2013


Mutua Madrileña





Business challenge

Under the slogan «Count on us, together we can do more», Mutua Madrileña launched in 2011 its Corporate Volunteering Program, with the purpose of disinterestedly helping society’s most disadvantaged groups, as well as encouraging Mutua Madrileña’s employees  to take part in the Company’s social action.

Also, its aim is to make it easier for employees to propose and participate in charity initiatives and, with the collaboration of other colleagues and the financial support from Fundación Mutua Madrileña, to carry them through.

Almost a year after its launch and given the excellent response among the employees (around 170 employees have participated as of this date), the program intends to move forward, including activities proposed by the volunteers themselves and combining established and periodically implemented initiatives with the development of specific projects.


Both Mutua Madrileña and its Foundation are deeply committed to the society in which they are rooted. Therefore, they develop a wide range of social work through their own action programs, social aid, initiatives in collaboration with various NGOs and the Corporate Volunteering Program.

The Program is managed through a specific website within the corporate Intranet that allows its users both to propose their own initiatives and to see which initiatives are ongoing so that they can join them or comment on them.

It is open both to projects presented by the employees themselves and to proyects presented by the Company according to demands made by NGOs.

Once a certain number of colleagues have joined, the projects count on the Company’s financial support (through Fundación Mutua Madrileña) in order to be implemented. They may be from volunteering initiatives with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or foundations, to personal charity initiatives not necessarily linked to such organizations (for instance, a group of neighbours who develop a plan to aid a family with housing problems, financial troubles, etc.).


In order for the Corporate Volunteering Programs to succeed, the employees must get actively involved in the inception of the program. It means that they must take part in the design of the program (for instance, through a survey made beforehand so as to know their preferences in this respect) and in making certain decisions (the proposal and management of projects by the employees).

At the same time, this must be accompanied of a clear definition of the program’s framework for action (the participation requirements).

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Since the launch of the Corporate Volunteering Program, more that 170 employees have taken part in the different actions carried out.

There have been 8 different projects developed (each of them with a different NGO), 7 of them proposed by employees.

Among the projects developed there are initiatives for socially integrating people with disabilities or groups at risk of social exclusion, projects for improving the quality of life of groups at a disadvantage for health reasons and fundraising programs in aid of nonprofit organizations.

Among these activities there are two which stand out: the basic computer course aimed to immigrant women, which has become an established program being periodically offered and having the contribution of employees as voluntary teachers, and the leisure outing organised for children with intellectual disabilities, belonging to the organization Pitote, that took place within the Give & Gain Day.

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