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Forética (Caja Navarra) - Civic Banking: transparency and participation

Added on 22-03-2013


Caja Navarra





Business challenge

Civic Banking is Caja Navarra's response to the demands for transparency, interaction and participation which society is making of banks.

These social demands are emerging within a context in which the pursuit of short-term business profit and the obscurity of certain financial practices have proved determining factors in the onset of a worldwide economic crisis. In view of such bad financial practice, Caja Navarra wishes to forward a new model for relationships with customers based on values of Corporate Social Responsibility.


Civic Banking has been implemented through the creation of and encouragement to exercise new rights for the bank's more-than-640,000 customers, all with a single objective in mind: to create a form of banking in favour of socially responsible values as a differentiating factor to allow us to build customer loyalty and attract new customers in a highly competitive financial market.

In order to make this new way of approaching finance through CSR a reality, involvement and work across all of Caja Navarra's staff and departments have proven essential.  In addition to employees, the foremost stakeholders involved have been customers, and impact can be measured through indicators of the degree of use of the economic and social rights which only Caja Navarra customers can exercise:

  1. The right to know, individually, how much Caja Navarra makes from each of them in the year and from each new product they contract.
  2. The right to decide which social causes should benefit from € 30 of every € 100 of profit generated by their relationship with Caja Navarra.
  3. The right to know in detail what the social organisations which they have decided to support do with this money.
  4. The right to take part in the social projects which they help fund with the profit made from their money as voluntary workers.
  5. The right to know which loans Can finances with their savings and to decide in which socially responsible line their savings should be invested.

The impact of these initiatives is measured through business and social impact indicators, such as: percentage of customers choosing social projects, the number of social organisations presenting projects, etc.


The banking system in Spain is currently undergoing a process of reorganisation. Within this context, Caja Navarra is tackling the important challenge of leading a process of integration of several Savings Banks, the chief characteristic of which is that those banks which sign up for the process must adopt the civic banking model as differentiating business model. Consequently, the challenge involves implementing the CSR strategy in the banks to form part of the new financial Group and creating new rights, products and services based on social responsibility for our customers.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

The main achievement of the initiative lies in the fact that this differentiating strategy has not only led to improved economic results for the bank, but also results which go beyond the economic and which have great potential in terms of social transformation and mobilisation. For example:

  • 590,000 customers decided which social projects should be supported with the profit made from their money in Caja Navarra last year.
  • 10,000 customers actively participated in social projects as voluntary workers.
  • 3,750 organisations presented projects which were funded according to the decisions of our customers.
  • A total of 26,587 customers decided that their savings should be used to finance socially responsible loans, to a sum of more than € 118 million.

Economic results: Caja Navarra, among the best banks in the sector in terms of delinquency, solvency and liquidity.

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