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Forética (Caja Navarra) - Civic Account: Do You Know How Much Your Bank Earns from You?

Added on 22-03-2013


Caja Navarra





Business challenge

Caja Navarra is involved in a strategic plan ("Cantera") through which it hopes to become the leaders in civic banking.  Civic banking consists of treating customers as citizens/clients with rights with which to establish a relationship based on equity. Achieving this means renouncing areas of power in the relationship by giving customers new rights.  In addition, Caja Navarra also wants to get its customers more involved in the social projects which they have chosen as the beneficiaries of their profits.

How best to give customers new rights and encourage them to become involved in reinvesting profits in social projects? 


The solution consists of creating a new right for customers, the right to know the profit Caja Navarra obtains from them as individuals as well as how much their contributions are to the social projects.  In support of this the company has decided to send each of Caja Navarra's 650,000 customers a letter (which is named "civic account") informing them:

  • How much money Caja Navarra makes from their accounts: The profit which Caja Navarra obtains from its commercial relationship with each customer
  • The exact contribution each customer makes to the social projects they themselves choose to fund through the initiative "You choose: you decide"
  • Each customer can choose to fund, with part of the profit made from their money, up to three specific projects from the more than 2,000 options presented by non-profit organisations.  In 2007, customers will be deciding the destination of more than €42 million, more than one-third of Caja Navarra's net profit.
  • Non-customers are able to calculate how much profit Caja Navarra would make from them and how much of this would be devoted to the projects they would choose were they customers via a "Civic Account Simulator".  This is done totally anonymously by entering data in the simulator


  • Getting over the fear of telling customers how much profit is made from them, an unprecedented act of transparency
  • The company has to justify that what it earns from each customer
  • It also calls for an exhaustive, internal training process so that the entire organisation is in line with the initiative   

Challenges/Lessons learned:

  • Attracted new customers: 32.000 new customers (increase of 5.6% of the company's base) in the first semester of 2007
  • The initiative brings CSR every one to the company's 650,000 customers
  • A survey performed on 10,000 customers gave a result of 93% of customers satisfied or very satisfied with the initiative

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