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Forética is an initiative that came about within the X Congress of Quality and Environmental Management in Barcelona in 1999. A diverse group of managers and opinion leaders questioned the way by which companies could possibly assess and audit their performance on business ethics and CSR, enabling them to be accountable to the society. Their works materialised on the Corporate Standard SGE 21, the first standard that can both be audited and certified by third party on CSR.

Consequently, companies and civil society joined this initiative by creating FORÉTICA where more than 150 associates were companies, NGOs, academics and universities work together to improve the knowledge of CSR in Spain.


Promoting ethical and socially responsible policies among companies and institutions at the core of their corporate values, providing them with frameworks for auditable management systems.

Vision statement: Being the reference in value added services related to CSR in our sphere of influence


Forética´s services are based in three different lines of activities:

  1. CSR Certification: Managing and operating the harmonised system for auditing companies versus the SGE 21 standard. No communication between consulting and auditing services is guaranteed by the system that separates the pool of consulting firms from audit firms.
  2. Knowledge: research and development of knowledge for our partners is our value proposition. We track the market for new ideas and opportunities in the CSR management field. That added to our in-house research studies to keep our partners in the edge of CSR via several series of publications.  Foretica also organises open door sessions for benchmarking and rising awareness among different stakeholders groups.
  3. Services: Forética provides guidance and previous assessments for companies that want to star out on the CSR field. We work in the professional education field, carrying out training programs for CSR consultants, auditors and managers.



Yolanda Erburu


For more information, please contact Germán Granda, Director

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