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Find out how Renewables and Raw Materials can spark up new collaboration

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

When raw materials used in renewable energy technology are scarce in nature, it becomes paramount to find ways to source them in a sustainable and responsible way.  At CSR Europe’s Workshop on Circular Business Models in Renewable Energy, on 1 July, companies will share their experience and look for opportunities for further collaboration.

Renewable energies, such as wind turbines and solar panels, offer a precious contribution in reducing carbon emissions and slowing down climate change. However, such technologies rely on raw materials that can be scarce in nature, and once they reach end-of-life, recycling in not always an option. How can we then adapt the supply chain of raw materials to make renewable energy technologies more sustainable? CSR Europe decided to step in, and together with Enel, is now in the process of starting a Collaborative Platform to answer this crucial question.

At the workshop on circular business models in renewable energy, taking place on 1st July, the consulting firm Copper8 will present key findings of the report “Metal demand for renewable electricity generation in the Netherlands”, illustrating the complexities behinds critical metal value chains. Copper8 will talk about possible solutions like substitution of materials, application of circular design principles and new European mining. Companies like Enel will share their ongoing work, for instance, in procurement, collaboration with suppliers, and development of circular business models.

At the workshop, and later in the collaborative platform, companies will work together on concrete opportunities to ensure more sustainable sourcing and to build more circular business models in the renewable energy sector. CSR Europe is committed to support companies to work on these solutions together.

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