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FIBS is the leading non-profit corporate responsibility network in Finland. Founded in 2000, FIBS’ network already includes more than 300 companies and organisations that invest heavily in responsibility. Every year, FIBS’ events gather thousands of corporate responsibility experts, decision-makers and influential people from all fields together to learn and be inspired by the latest practices and solutions in the field both from Finland and abroad.


FIBS’ mission is to promote financially, socially and ecologically sustainable business in Finland by supporting its members' CR strategy and initiatives. FIBS wants to inspire more and more Finnish companies to start developing productive solutions to local and global problems in cooperation with other companies and organisations so that they can rise to the top of sustainable business globally.


FIBS provides its members with:

  • Seminars, workshops and information services including latest research, tools and best practices
  • Peer support for the long-term management of responsible business
  • Contacts to decision makers, opinion leaders, new potential partners and clients
  • Visibility for members CR responsible practices on the FIBS website, newsletters, and events

FIBS takes a multipartner approach in all of its activities. In addition to member services, FIBS consults and co-operates with political ministries, NGOs, trade unions, industry and business associations, and other interest groups, as well as other CR networks in Europe and globally.

FIBS is a CSR Europe and WBCSD Global Network national member. In addition, FIBS is part of the CSR 360 Global Partner Network and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and acts as GRI's Data Partner in Finland.


Phone: Tel. +358 20 749 7630

Address: Eteläranta 10, 00130 Helsinki, Finland
Facebook: FIBS CR Network
Twitter: @FIBSry 
LinkedIn: FIBS