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Festa – Icelandic Center for CSR is a non-profit organisation founded by six Icelandic companies in 2011. It provides practical information on CSR and ways to implement responsible business practices in companies, raises awareness of CSR amongst the public and encourages research on the issue in cooperation with universities.


  • Be a knowledge center for CSR in Iceland.
  • Promote discussions on CSR in Iceland.
  • Support companies in implementing CSR strategies.
  • Run a network of companies who want to implement CSR.
  • Cooperate with universities by promoting research and teaching of CSR.
  • Cooperate with international CSR centers.


Companies benefit from being members of Festa in various ways. They take part in forming the concept of CSR in Iceland, acquire knowledge and support for their CSR strategies, learn from each other and openly state that they genuinely want to be responsible. Membership of Festa is a confirmation that the company will honor Festa's ethical code of conduct.

Festa’s activities include:

  • Published information.
  • Capacity building - training and workshops.
  • Networking / Awareness-raising events.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Research / surveys.
  • Stakeholder engagement.



Sigurborg Arnardóttir


For more information, please contact Managing Director Ketill B. Magnússon

Phone: +354 599 6600
Address: Menntavegi 1, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland
Facebook: Festa