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Founded in 1993, FACE is a network of local associations and companies mobilised to fight against exclusion, discrimination and poverty. FACE is responsible for policy development, coordination and control of the FACE Network structures.


The Fondation Agir Contre L’Exclusion strives to:

  • Contribute to making the fight against exclusion a major issue in our society.
  • Mobilise the various economic, social and institutional bodies around the issue of exclusion.
  • Favour the development of actions against exclusion, in the domains of employment, housing, health and neighbourhoods in difficulty.
  • Support those who act against exclusion and those who are concerned by its development.
  • Contribute to the definition and evaluation of methodologies related to the fight against exclusion.
  • Innovate against all kinds of exclusion, through Corporate Social Responsibility and companies, in favour of general interest.


The aim of FACE is to create competence centres in five areas of intervention:

  • Employment
  • Inside the company
  • At school
  • Access to rights
  • Within the territories

Within each of these fields, actions and trainings are carried out by the Clubs with the active participation of partner companies and their employees. Some of the tools used to combat inequalities and affirm FACE as a social movement of businesses include: Sponsorship, mobilization through sport, acts of social mediation, integration through culture, entrepreneurship in schools, social microcredit, fighting against digital divide, Label Diversité, and social sponsorship.



Gérard Mestrallet


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