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Exploring the Connection between Circular Economy and Future of Work

Friday, September 27, 2019

As companies turn towards circular models of production, they not only face technological, market and regulatory challenges but also barriers to transforming their culture, workplace and workforce. CSR Europe will be taking a deeper look into these challenges in the upcoming webinar "Circular Economy & Future of Work" on 6th of November 2019.

Discussions on circular economy are frequently restricted to the CSR or environmental departments within companies. However, to make a true transition to the circular economy, the topic needs to be promoted internally across all functions of the business: from finance and operations to human resources. 

In fact, company culture is often the biggest barriers for companies going fully circular*. For instance, a business with a company culture hesitant towards circular economy thinking will not orient its operations to develop circular designs or promote the re-organisation of its supply chains.  


Against this challenge, transforming the workforce mindset and skills are primordial in pushing through innovation that can help companies transition towards circular modes of production. The changes require clear organisational commitment and a reconfiguration of the workforce planning in line with changing business models.

On 6th November, CSR Europe will organise a webinar to investigate how to manage workforce transformation in line with new circular business models; with a particular focus on skills development, changing occupations and the workplace culture.

Join us for this event with your ideas and questions.

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Tommi Raivio

Project Manager


* Deloitte (2017), Breaking the Barriers to the Circular Economy