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Explore opportunities for collective action with CSR Europe's SDG Incubator

Friday, March 10, 2017

The SDG Incubator is part of CSR Europe’s Sustainable Business Exchange – The European Business Platform for action towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The overall objective of the SDG incubator is to explore and identify collaboration opportunities between businesses and key stakeholders and to take collective action towards the SDGs.

Based on the suggestions of corporate members, CSR Europe conducts a series of interviews, webinars and workshops to assess the feasibility of the proposed areas for collective action.

Topics currently under consideration include:

  • The integration of Refugees and Migrants
  • Circular Economy and Sustainable Plastic Cycles/Closing the loop on plastics
  • The future  of Mobility
  • Sustainable Logistics
  • Sustainable Consumption
  •  Big data and Business Human Rights

If you would like to explore other topics please contact Franzis Wimmer or visit our website.