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Experiences and Sustainability Challenges in the Rubber Supply Chain

Added on 09-05-2019

On 21-22 May, CSR Europe, together with CCCMC (Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Metals, Minerals and Chemical Importers), is hosting the event "Experiences and Sustainability Challenges in the Rubber Supply Chain", in the framework of the Sustainable Natural Rubber Network (SNRN)

The event will focus on:

  1. Stakeholder engagement – to strengthen mutual understanding and facilitate discussions to identify the key challenges and opportunities of sustainable natural rubber, especially the roles of various stakeholders on this issue.
  2. Knowledge exchange - to look into projects and actions practically existing tools, standards, guidelines, action plans, and stakeholder engagement approaches on sustainable natural rubber promoted by various parties and seek opportunities to coordinate of all parties to create synergy.
  3. Partnership building – to discuss possible next steps of China-UK collaboration and explore potential partnerships among key stakeholders and with other networks to create a productive platform that promotes a shared value of SNR.

The meetings will bring together the expected Founding Partners of the project coming from all related key stakeholders: plantations, processors, traders, tyre makers, development agencies, non-governmental organisations and consumers.