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National Action Plans (NAPs) - Leading the change at national level


In order to boost business-education partnerships, local action is required. Thinking and acting locally is crucial for increasing the impact of the Pact across Europe and for its smooth implementation in each country.

The National Action Plans (NAPs), established by the national leaders of the Pact, represent the key to implementing the Pact at national level. They connect EU-level action to individual action on the ground by reflecting the needs and priorities of each member state. In this way, the NAPs contribute to achieving the Pact's goal of improving youth employability and social inclusion across Europe.

How can you contribute?

  • Connect to the local leaders of the Pact
  • Provide best practices and expert input
  • Scale up existing projects and co-create new initiatives
  • Learn more about leadership and formulating priorities at a national level: Guide for creating your National Action Plan


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What is a NAP?

A National Action Plan (NAP) is a country specific set of priorities that the national leaders and stakeholders identify to accelerate and facilitate business-education partnerships. It is the pathway to achieve our goals together. The stakeholders are free to choose what is relevant and specific for their country and set priorities and plan actions accordingly. We identified seven priority areas to focus on:


Get in touch with the local leaders

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