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European CSR Awards

Share your Success – Get Inspired

The first ever pan-European Award Scheme to inspire CSR excellence in multistakeholder projects was successfully launched in 2012. Funded by the European Commission, co-led by CSR Europe and Business in the Community and supported by Aliance Boots, the consortium of 29 National CSR organisations joined forces to deliver the European CSR Award Scheme for Partnership, Innovation and Impact.

The European CSR Awards Ceremony took place  on 25 June in Brussels and showcased the richness of more than 60 national winners in two categories – SME and large company led partnership wit a non-business partner. This event marked a next stage of the project – replicating the innovative impactful partnerships.

Why a European CSR Award Scheme?:
  • Give higher visibility to CSR excellence and raise global awareness on the positive impact that business can have on society
  • Bring the best European CSR multistakeholder projects into focus
  • Enhance the exchange of CSR best practice across Europe
  • Encourage CSR collaboration between enterprises and stakeholders
  • Create innovative solutions to tackle sustainability issues


European CSR Award Scheme flyer