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European Commission

Our relationship with the European Commission dates back to 1995, when the Commission President Jacques Delors called for the development of a European network for the exchange of information and experience.

CSR Europe has maintained a high level of interaction and engagement with the European Commission which has resulted in a healthy cross-fertilisation of business and EU initiatives on CSR. Today, the Commission remains the institution that CSR Europe engages with the most.

After the EU Communication on CSR in 2011, the European Commission has moved forward with a number of initiatives that impact the activities related to sustainability of [TZ1] companies. CSR Europe has actively contributed by informing members and leading them towards the expectations of the European Commission.

We minimise the gap between companies and the European Commission. Interactions have been profitable for corporate members, who have their voices heard in institutional fora and can personally address decision makers at events organised in Brussels.


CSR Europe engages with the following Directorate-Generals on a regular basis:

Enterprise Internal Market and Services:


Development and Cooperation:


Education and Culture:


Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion:


Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets:



Taxation and Customs Union:



Justice, Consumer and Gender Equality:                      


Communications Networks, Content and Technology:


European External Action Service: