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European Commission

Our relationship with the European Commission dates back to 1995 and the European Business Declaration against Social Exclusion, signed between 20 business leaders and then Commission President Jacques Delors, which called for the development of a European network for the exchange of information and experience.

Since its inception the following year, CSR Europe has maintained a high level of interaction and engagement with the European Commission which has resulted in a healthy cross-fertilisation of business and EU initiatives on CSR. Today, the Commission remains the institution CSR Europe engages with the most and we have strong relations with the EC President and key identified Directorate-Generals, with whom we have regular meetings and consultations.

The most recent developments in CSR Europe’s relationship with the Commission include the October 2011 New EU Communication on CSR, which built on the European Commission’s previous CSR strategy and which CSR Europe had an active role in helping to establish. Furthermore, CSR Europe’s laboratory on valuing non-financial information was used by the European Commission to launch their EU public consultation in early 2011. To this end, CSR Europe also became part of the expert group in helping the Commission prepare a legislative proposal resulting in the Directive on Non-Financial Performance.

Directorate-Generals CSR Europe engages with the most

  Enterprise Internal Market and Services


Development and Cooperation:


Education and Culture:


 Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion:


Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets:





Justice, Consumer and Gender Equality:



Communications Networks, Content and Technology:


Health and Food Safety: