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Drive Sustainability

The European Automotive Working Group on Supply Chain Sustainability has become Drive Sustainability. The group is coordinated by CSR Europe and consists of several automotive manufacturers working together – in addition to their own efforts – to enhance sustainability in their supply chains. 

In respect to their products and services, people and environment are vital resources in their automotive industry. Therefore, they work together to improve the social, ethical and environmental performance of automotive supply chains.

It is of great importance to this group of responsible automotive manufacturers that the individuals making vehicles, components, or providing services, are afforded decent working conditions and are treated with dignity and respect, while minimizing the environmental impact of the industry.

As the automotive industry has complex value chains and a deep structured supplier base, the group believes in the benefits of a common approach and common messages towards suppliers, i.e. trainings and other activities. However, every party of the group shall maintain the management of their independent supply chains.

In the process of collaboration, the participants strongly agreed to work together in compliance with competition law.

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