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EU Webinar - Corporate Climate-Related Reporting

Added on 17-07-2019

The European Commission released, at last, its Guidelines on Climate-Related Disclosures. By building on the TCFD recommendations, the new guidelines update the Non-Binding Guidelines on Non-Financial Disclosure of 2017, setting the highest standard for corporate reporting.

In this context, the European Project Task Force (PTF) on Climate-Related Reporting of the European Lab for Corporate Reporting has been working over the clock to evaluate the fitness of a hundred of climate-related reports, and its results will be presented in September.

As a member of the PTF, CSR Europe is organising this webinar to give its members the possibility to be among the first ones to get some insights and a first assessment of the main findings by the members of the Task Force.

Join CSR Europe’s EU Webinar to:

  • Access the first-hand experience of our experts from the CRR Project Taskforce
  • Share your positions, challenges, and concerns on climate-related information disclosure
  • Get the results of the analysis by the Task Force