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EU STEM Coalition publishes new 'STEM Skills for a Future Proof Europe' brochure

Friday, April 8, 2016

The EU STEM Coalition has published a new brochure, 'STEM Skills for a Future Proof Europe - Fostering Innovation, Growth and Jobs by bridging the EU STEM Skills Mismatch', which details its on-going work to develop and implement national strategies to promote STEM skills across Europe.

The EU STEM Coalition was officially launched in October 2015 by the four existing national STEM platforms, Platform Bèta TechniekAstraEstonian Research CouncilFlanders STEM Platform, with the support of FEANIECSITE and CSR Europe.

It is a coalition of STEM platforms and supporting partners that brings together governments, educational institutes and businesses to assist countries in learning from each other by exchanging good practices, and working more structurally in partnerships on a national and regional level.

It also aims to activate, stimulate and support Member States to work on a national STEM agenda, and meets every six months in order to move towards a more sustainable agenda for a resilient, future-proof Europe.

The EU STEM Coalition is an example of the business-education partnerships that the European Pact for Youth aims to establish throughout Europe. The European Pact for Youth was officially launched on November 17 at CSR Europe's Enterprise 2020 Summit.

More information on the European Pact for Youth.

Download the brochure.