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The EU Green Deal, A Timeline for Action

Thursday, January 30, 2020

In the recently released Communication on the European Green Deal, the Von der Leyen Commission outlines the key actions to deliver Europe’s growth strategy for the years to come. CSR Europe will discuss these latest developments at the Public Affairs Workshop on 11 February.

Europe’s flagship initiative, the Green Deal, aims for the Old Continent to become climate-neutral by 2050. With a cost of potentially more than €260 billion, its accomplishment will only be possible through the involvement and commitment of all the relevant stakeholders. In the recently released Communication on the European Green Deal, key actions for its execution include:

  1. The Investment Plan and Just Transition Mechanism, to limit the social effects of the green transition;
  2. A Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism on imports to protect EU companies forced to comply with tough greenhouse gas rules;
  3. The decarbonization of the energy sector and the resource-intensive sectors;
  4. The review of the Sustainable Financial Strategy with an incentive for companies to; increase their disclosure on climate and environmental data;
  5. The Farm to Fork Strategy to limit the use of pesticides and fertilizers.  

When can your company expect new developments?

Here is the timeline of the key actions related to the Green Deal:

  • From 2020 onwards: Green Deal Agenda for Western Balkans
  • By March 2020:
  1. Proposal on a European ‘Climate Law’,
  2. EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030,
  3. EU Industrial strategy and an SME Strategy to facilitate targeted growth and expansion of small and medium businesses
  4. Circular Economy Action Plan;
  • By summer 2020: Plan to increase the EU 2030 climate target to at least 50% and towards 55% in a responsible way and Chemicals strategy for sustainability;
  • By the end of 2020:
  1. Proposal to support zero-carbon steel-making processes by 2030
  2. Review of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive,
  3. Strategy for smart sector integration
  4. Strategy for sustainable and smart mobility;
  • In 2021:
  1. Zero-pollution action plan for water, air and soil proposal for a carbon border adjustment mechanism for selected sectors
  2. Proposal for more stringent air pollutant emissions standards for combustion-engine vehicles.

CSR Europe will discuss the latest development related to the Green Deal at the Public Affair Workshop on 11 February.

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Lorena Sorrentino

Project Manager

CSR Europe’s 2020 EU Policy-Debate Events