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ErasmusPro: Five ways your company can benefit from apprenticeship mobility

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The European Commission has released €400 million to support the long-term mobility of 50,000 apprentices in Europe by 2020.

While many actors are eager to tap into the funding, many companies remain unaware of the benefits of engaging.

With this in mind, here is a quick overview on five ways your company can make the most of apprenticeship mobility with ErasmusPro.

1. Access EU Funding: October 2017 onwards, your company can access further EU funding under ErasmusPro.

2. Be attractive & recruit the best: Engaging in apprenticeship mobility can ensure that your company will top young people’s choices as they consider various career options for their future.

3. Tackle upcoming skills challenges: Mobility experience will ensure new levels of agility that can become a real asset in your intercultural work environment.

4. Enhance your company reputation: Working on apprenticeship mobility can distinguish your company as a future shaping leader.

5. Connect to new frontiers: Engaging in international apprenticeship mobility will bridge further collaboration with your business units, suppliers and clients in other European countries.

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