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Equipping Youth & Business for the Future of Work

Added on 18-10-2018

Meet with experienced members of enterprise, education and policy institutions - together we will have interactive exchanges on how, in Europe, enterprises, industry and policy reforms are preparing for the higher demands of well-skilled and better educated people. In light of the ongoing technological change, globalised markets and ageing population, this is a short and long-term key performance indicator for a competitive business and an inclusive Europe!

We will have keynote speeches by Philippe Van Troeye, CEO, ENGIE BENELUX and Michel Croisé, President, Sodexo BENELUX.

You will benefit from the results and deliverables developed by enterprises and intermediary organisations engaged in the National Action Plans of the European Pact for Youth and in the EU Talent, a project being deployed in 12 EU Member States for SMEs with the support of the European Commission. Through practical experience, shared materials and further policy recommendations, they will show how they are making Business-Education Partnership the new norm, and how apprenticeships can support SMEs in their lead to breed the talents they need.

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