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Epson’s Approach to Supporting Robotics Education Across Europe

Monday, September 2, 2019

The Win-A-Robot Competition, illustrated at the Brussels SDG Summit Roundtable on Education and Sustainability, allowed the Japanese electronics company to spot and support talented students and researchers capable of simplifying and innovating robot programming.


At the Brussels SDG Summit 2019, Epson led the Roundtable on Education for Sustainability, showcasing its first-ever Win-A-Robot competition to support teams of students and researchers around EMEAR who introduced an innovative or sustainable way of using an Epson robot. With the number of industrial robots deployed worldwide expected to increase to around 2.6 million units by 2019, skills development in this area is vital for European growth. By simplifying robot programming, yet still supporting complex manufacturing and providing packaged solutions, Epson aims to help remove the barriers to automation. Academic institutes across Europe are looking for new ways to introduce robots into mainstream applications, and this was the perfect opportunity to showcase how Epson technologies can support innovation by providing them with their own robots to test and implement their projects.

As a result, students from higher education institutes, universities and research facilities came forward with ideas to support the development of the automation and robotics industry. In order to evaluate the 50+ applications submitted, Epson brought together industry, policy and academic experts from around Europe. The judging panel had a strict set of criteria, taking note of the strength of each application against criteria of innovation, education, skills development, sustainability and unique robot usage.

“Skills and creativity are at the heart of innovation,” commented Volker Spanier, Head of Robotics Solutions, Epson Europe. “Millennials, who make up 50% of the world’s population, will face a radically different working world to the one we know today.  We know that young people have the potential, now we want to ensure they have the tools to implement it, by placing the technology of the future in their hands.”

The Winners: Epson unveils a new generation of thinkers

The six winning institutions, showcasing creativity, passion and knowledge, were:

  1. University of Pecs, Hungary, with their ‘Robot Control with Augmented Reality Glass’ project
  2. Heinz-Nixdorf-Berufskolleg, Germany, with their ‘Simulation of an Online Trade Using the Example of a Candy Filling Plant’ project
  3. Technological University Dublin Ireland, with their ‘Robotics, Food Production and Harvesting’ project
  4. University of Plymouth, UK, with their ‘Self-Adaptable Robot-Assisted Manufacturing in Intelligent Sustainable Work Cells’ project
  5. University of Padova, Italy, with their ‘ChocoBot – Energy-efficient Customized Decoration of Celebration Cakes and Rapid Prototyping of Big Chocolate Structures’ project
  6. University of Pavia, Italy, with their ‘Deep Learning for Safe Physical Human-Robot Interaction’ project

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