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EU services for members

Work with CSR Europe to benefit your company

1. Enhance your EU intelligence through:

  • EU Update Webinars
    ​Members only webinars occur on a regular basis to communicate important information on upcoming EU CSR policy, initiatives and developments at EU level.
  • EU Issue Insights
    CSR Europe produces regular members only briefing publications which provide timely and relevant information on key CSR policy developments at EU Institution level.

See below the list of Issue Insights from 2016 and the topics that we covered:

1) The Circular Economy Package 
2) EU fairer and more transparent tax system 
3) Country by country reporting on corporate income tax to tax authorities (This EU Issue Insight is publicly available, download)
4) Public country by country reporting on corporate income tax 
5) EU Skills Agenda 
6) Will the EU lead on the SDGs?
7) EU global strategy for foreign and security policy – What’s the impact on business? 
8) EU External Investment Plan (EIP): how companies can invest in development countries? 
9) Next steps for a sustainable European future: EU priorities for the UN 2030 agenda 
10) Investing in Europe’s youth 

See below the list of Issue Insights from 2017 and the topics that we covered so far:

1) Report on the implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan’
2) Conflict Minerals Regulation
3) Shareholders Rights Directive
4) EU directive on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information

2. Influence future EU development through:

  • EU Consultation
  • Networking and Dialogue
    CSR Europe enables members to engage directly with EU officials through high-level meetings with leaders of the European Commission’s Directorate-Generals, individual one-to-one  meetings, and stakeholder dialogues.

3. Engage EU Stakeholders to develop your CSR Strategy and new solutions:

  • European Stakeholder Dialogues
    CSR Europe organises tailored stakeholders dialogues for companies to engage with a wealth of expert stakeholders and EU representatives on company strategies.

4. EU Helpdesk

  • The EU Helpdesk supports member companies in following the latest EU policy and legislative developments. This new tool allows corporate members and national partners to find answers to frequently asked questions. All the answers will be posted on our website, in the form of a ‘Questions & Answers’ online platform.
  • To access the EU Helpdesk, please click here.
  • To submit your questions on the latest EU policy and legislative developments, please click here.

Please be aware that the EU Helpdesk is a service provided only to CSR Europe's corporate members and national partners. To access this online platform, you first need to become a member of CSR Europe.

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