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CSR Europe is the lead partner of the European institutions in defining the European CSR agenda, and a key partner for other stakeholders on CSR and sustainability issues, through the European Multi-stakeholder forum on CSR, The European Pact for Youth and other fora.

CSR Europe was founded in 1995 following an appeal by European Commission President Jacques Delors to use company best practices and innovation to address societal challenges and local, European and global level. This was followed by the launch of the Manifesto of Enterprises against Social Exclusion.


Recent key developments in CSR Europe's timeline:

  • Leader and co-chair of The European Pact for Youth:

On November 16 and 17, 2015, CSR Europe hosted the Enterprise 2020 Summit in Brussels bringing together over 600 high level businesses, EU policy representatives from the European Commission (including Commissioners Thyssen, Navracsics and Bieńkowska) and the European Parliament (including former President Schulz). This Summit served to reinforce CSR Europe’s position as the leading partner of the European institutions in defining the CSR Agenda for Europe, as well as to launch The European Pact for Youth as one of CSR Europe’s flagship campaigns.

  • Member of the EU multi-stakeholder platform on the SDGs:

CSR Europe is a thriving example of a business network that facilitates relationship building between CSR practitioners, EU officials, and other stakeholders in order to drive synergies for businesses to innovate, develop collaborative projects and create EU policy transformation. CSR Europe is currently working with the European Commission in relation to the EU implementation plan of the UN Sustainable Development Goals  as a member of the EU multi-stakeholder platform on the SDGs.

CSR Europe’s involvement on this high level multi-stakeholder platform includes:

  1. Supporting and advising the European Commission and all stakeholders involved on the implementation of the SDGs at EU level and in relation to events on sustainable development
  2. Contributing to the exchange of experience and best practice on the implementation of the SDGs across sectors and at local, regional, national and EU level

Fore more information on the multi-stakeholder platform, click here.