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Enel - Campaign on new Code of Ethics

Added on 22-03-2013





Business challenge

Spreading the new Code of Ethics in all Enel's countries, 23 nations in 4 continents, we are striving to promote Enel's values such as the awareness on the culture of ethics in conducting the business, safety for employees and providers, together with fighting against corruption and bribery in those countries where integrity is at risk. The new Code will act as the Enel employee identity card containing all the principles to respect for fair behavior and profitable work in the organization. It will be another fundamental step in the integration process, promoting the same set of values in all the countries where Enel operates. Not only will it reflect on the employees, but also involve all stakeholders, mainly providers and contractors.


The new Code of Ethics has been reviewed by a working group involving Audit, Company Secretariat department and CSR unit; it was finally approved by the Board of Directors on September 11th 2009.

The Campaign on the New Code of Ethics, created by the Internal Communication Department featuring Audit and CSR unit,  will be launched around March 2010 and will have the following objectives:

  • give the entire Enel population the opportunity to get to know the Code;
  • raise awareness among colleagues of the key principles at the base of the Code's underlying philosophy;
  • create culture of "ethical responsibility" right across the company.

The launch will involve the following tools:

  • mail by the Chief Executive Officer to all Enel employees;
  • brochure on the new Code of Ethics together with highlights on Zero Tolerance Corruption Plan and Compliance Program pursuant to Legislative Decree n.231 of June 8, 2001 to be distributed during the main events and placed at the reception desks in Enel's main offices all around the world;
  • booklet in credit card format in Italian and English (or in local language and English) containing the 16 general principles included in the Code of Ethics placed at the reception desks in Enel's main offices all around the world;
  • post-it containing the 16 general principles included in the Code of Ethics to be given to employees and providers/contractors in Italy, and in those countries where corruption and bribery is a main risk, and where safety at work is not taken serously (Romania and Russia);
  • Enel TV: short films -graphical production of mini adverts, each one including a principle (from one of the 16), to be broadcasted on the company television channel;
  • Group Intranet: Close-up on launch, Banner with link to Code, Special section including PDF, Q&A, Brochure, Booklet, Related videos; (worldwide)
  • Group House Organ: editorial by the Chairman referencing the Code of Ethics; (worldwide)

Poster campaign that varies from country to country. Some principles (e.g. the conflict of interests for Russia) could be highlighted with stronger colours because of their greater correspondence to the local context.  

Challenges/Lessons learned:

We could forecast the possible benefits of this campaign concerning the reinforcement of brand awareness, the birth of a common belief about Enel's value and the increasing sense of trust among all employees. The aim of this campaign is also to fight against corruption and bribery when dealing with providers and contractors. Therefore we hope that after these campaigns the number of episodes connected with these matters will decrease consistently. The campaign could also raise awareness about safety at work in order to prevent fatalities and serious accidents.

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