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Edenred - Work life balance solutions: vouchers and “conciergerie”

Added on 22-03-2013





Business challenge

The increasing number of women in the workforce and an aging population has meant that more and more employees are shouldering the responsibility of one or more dependents.


To address this challenge, Accor Services proposes day-to-day life solutions to better balance the employees’ personal and professional life.

Vouchers, cards or e-payment systems enable employers to contribute in home services costs (childcare, education, eldercare, etc.). Furthermore, the beneficiaries of these vouchers have access to services platforms (phone or web) to help them find the expected solution thanks to services providers' networks. This service combines quality and effectiveness by using specialized counsellors and continuously updated databases. Companies can also get access to on-site services like steam-pressing, well-being services, travel organization, car wash service, etc.



This is an externalized solution, very helpful for companies that cannot implement their own solution (because of its size, the costs, its geographical location, etc.)

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Benefits for the Employee:

• Gain time in their professional and personal life

• Solutions for the resolution of their everyday life concerns

• Improved life quality

• Greater purchasing power for specific needs thanks to the possible employers' subsidies

• Access to preferential offers

• A tool that offers a freedom of choice thanks to the affiliated networks of home services providers.

Benefits for the Company:

• Attract and mobilize employees

• Organizations gain in productivity and well-being

• Benefiting in many cases from tax and social welfare exemptions

• A dedicated tool to better know employees needs and concerns

• Public institutions grant social subsidies with greater ease and better fund control

• Budget control and less administration

• Easy to manage and to distribute

• A guarantee of the destination of the allocation, prevent abuse



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