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econsense – Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business is a network of globally operating companies committed to integrating sustainability into business practice. econsense was founded in 2000 by the Federation of German Industries BDI in order to actively address sustainability challenges and promote sustainable development in business.

Today, econsense is the largest business-driven forum on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability in Germany. Moreover, the network is a valued contact for stakeholders in public policy, science, civil society and business alike.

econsense connects its members on an international and national level and enables an open discussion of chances as well as challenges of implementing sustainability – always with a focus on the business case for sustainability.


We pledge to treat all resources in a sustainable way, and to align our actions to recognised national and international guidelines and treaties. We are willing to use our skills to promote sustainable economics. We intend to play a key role in the political decision making process on sustainable development by elaborating concrete and innovative solution strategies.

Sustainable development in our interpretation includes transparency and open dialogue. We therefore make ourselves heard nationally and internationally as qualified and committed contacts open for dialogue with policy makers, science, stakeholders and business.

We promote the self-initiative and innovation power of business toward sustainable development. We wish to expand our sustainable development expertise, and assist and stand by other companies, private households and public institutions as active partners in moving towards a sustainable future.


The work of econsense is driven by the ideas, expertise and active participation of the members. In the econsense project groups, experts from member companies discuss relevant cross-sectoral aspects of sustainability management.

  • Environment & Climate
  • Business & Human Rights
  • Sustainability in the Supply Chain
  • SDGs & Digital Transformation
  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment
  • Reporting & Rating
  • Sustainability Communication

econsense also provides a dialog platform for the development of sustainable business practices. Activities include:

  • Position papers and studies
  • Expert workshops and trainings
  • Stakeholder events


econsense currently has almost 40 member companies operating globally in various sectors. The members of econsense are committed to sustainable development and jointly promote an open dialog on the implementation of economic, social and environmental sustainability goals.


Wolfgang Grosse Entrup,


For more information, please contact Nadine Hönighaus, Executive Director.

Phone: +49 (30) 2028 1474
Fax: +49 (30) 2028 2474
Address: Oberwallstrasse 24, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Facebook: econsense
Twitter: @econsense