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Developments in the field of human rights reporting for European companies

Monday, May 29, 2017

The pressure on companies to report on their human rights and due diligence activities is vastly increasing. Through recent developments in Member State and EU-level laws, numerous businesses will now have to disclose the steps which they have taken to identify and eliminate social issues in their supply chains. For some businesses, reporting on supply chain due diligence will be a new practice. For those already engaged in reporting, however, the laws will represent a drastic increase in the complexity of the process, the scope of factors which must be considered, the evidence which must be provided and the frequency of reporting.

The growing regulatory framework surrounding supply chain due diligence provides a significant opportunity for businesses to positively contribute to tackling social challenges. Individually, each law encourages businesses to identify and address issues and to communicate these efforts to society. Collectively, the range of laws provide an opportunity for businesses to go above and beyond what is required of them by a single law, taking into account the trends raised across the growing body of regulation and integrating these trends into their reporting to build upon and scale-up their supply chain due diligence.

In order to give businesses an  overview of what will be expected of them in the future and how they can best contribute to improved social standards in supply chains, CSR Europe has developed its new Issue Insight which will be made available on the 8th of June, and will provide members with an update on the following:

  • EU Conflict Minerals Regulation
  • EU Directive on Non-Financial and Diversity Information
  • The UK Modern Slavery Act (including information on its take-up by companies)
  • The French Law No. 2017-399 on the Duty of Care of Parent Companies and Ordering Companies
  • The Dutch Child Labour Due Diligence Law

For more information on CSR Europe’s work on supply chain sustainability and human rights, please visit the project’s page, Source for Good.