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In-depth policy-based discussion

Following the endorsement of the UN Guiding Principles on business and human rights in 2011, governments around the world have followed suit with increasing expectations towards corporations to respect human rights throughout their activities.

As a result, more European and national legislation and regulations are being approved to address the human rights impacts of corporate activity in Europe and beyond.

Engage in the discussion:

1. Get relevant updates on policy developments through webinar series:

Gain insights and clarify doubts on current and future policy developments in the area of human rights in Europe (Run in liaison with CSR Europe’s EU Team).

2. Contribute to dialogue on EU-business collaboration:

Engage closer with policy makers at national, European and international level as well as with civil society to support improvements to address human rights impact across complex supply chains towards the creation of a level playing field.

Read the successful outcomes of the Open Forum on shared responsibility for human rights and global value chains organized in Brussels on 16 March 2016.

3. Dive into relevant #bizhumanrights policy updates with the issue insights:

Register/Log-in to download the issue insights on several topics related to business and human rights. Issue insights to date focus on: UNGPs, EC Sector Guides on Business and Human Rights, Developments on human rights reporting for European companies, Conflict minerals, Directive on Non-Financial Information, etc.

For the details on events, consult CSR Europe’s main calendar.